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History of the Graffiti Artistic and Cultural Association

The Graffiti Artistic Cultural Association was founded in 2010 by a group of artists from the southern
territory who share the same passion and the same intentions.

The Association is a non-profit organisation and pursues the sole purpose of cultural and social promotion: enhancement of cultural and artistic identity in the area, dissemination and promotion of visual art and activities to support artistic work.

The Association's headquarters are located in Via Friuli, 2 in the municipality of Lacchiarella (MI), where the Association's most experienced artists teach the techniques needed to paint to anyone who wants to learn, a bit like it was used in Renaissance art workshops. Over the years, the Association has organised dozens of exhibitions (solo and collective), and has proposed various cultural activities such as competitions, conferences on the history of art, courses and workshops for children and adults.

With a civic spirit, the members have provided many paintings free of charge to the Lacchiarella Administration to set up a Municipal Art Gallery and have contributed to enlivening the town's street furniture with wall paintings and mosaics, which are much appreciated by the townspeople and visitors.

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